About Us

Anne-Lise Bollaert-Davies

Anne-Lise loves to empower others to live boldly, to become the best version of themselves, and show the world the full potential that we each hold within us.

Former executive manager of a non-profit organisation and respected leader in her community, Anne-Lise is known for her skills in strategic planning, business- and life-coaching, speaking, facilitation and training skills. These have been refined over 25 years in the socio-economic development fields, which have included a career in local government, private consultancies, and non-profit organisations. Her diverse education includes a BA Honours in Developmental Geography, Certificates in Management Practice, Digital Marketing and Business Coaching, as well as an array of short courses and ongoing learning.

When clients work with Anne-Lise, they receive input that is creative, practical, strategic, and rooted in reality.

In addition to her role as the Managing Director of, Anne-Lise is also a content writer, NPO project manager, active citizen in her school and business community, and mother and wife.

Colin Davies

Colin is a powerful speaker and insightful coach. His expertise are best suited to executives and business teams who want to break through the glass ceilings and reach their full potential. 

As a director in the largest Geomatics (land surveying) firm in the Eastern Cape, Colin brings real business experience to the coaching and strategic conversations he facilitates for leaders and leadership teams.

Using his expertise in Geomatics, Colin uses the concepts of positioning and measurement to present transformative seminars on Leadership, Team Development and Change Management. 

In addition to his role as a Director of ThinkSayDo,biz and NPM Geomatics, Colin is also an active and deeply engaged citizen through Rotary, the Middlecourt Trust and BNI, as well as being a much-loved father and husband.

Where It Began

Colin Davies Coaching, a bespoke coaching practice, was established in the mid-2000’s, as Colin yearned to use his expertise as a business manager to help others achieve their own success. Having successfully trained as a coach, Colin decided to collate his 100’s of hours of learning into a life coaching series. The company was later re-branded to as the scope of services was expanded to include executive coaching, strategic planning, speaking and training.

After a brief hiatus, was re-vamped in 2023, with Anne-Lise taking over as the Managing Director.

Our Vision

At, we envision a world where individuals and organizations are inspired, equipped, and empowered to make strategic decisions and take decisive action that leads to success in both their professional and personal lives.

We strive to be the catalyst that ignites the transformational journey of our clients, helping them navigate challenges, uncover opportunities, and achieve their fullest potential.

Through our guidance and support, we aspire to create a future where individuals thrive holistically, realizing their ambitions and making a positive impact in their chosen endeavors.